Student Matters

Student Status

The status of student is acquired upon enrolment at the University of Thessaly and is automatically terminated when he/she obtains the Degree, independently of the number of years in between and regardless of whether the student has been studying regularly or not.
During their studies, students are entitled to a range of benefits and facilities, which hold for a duration equal to the minimum number of semesters required for the completion of the course plus another half of the period in question. These benefits are automatically suspended], even when the student status is retained.
Students have the right to apply for suspension of their studies, if they are unable to continue their studies for a considerable period of time. In this case they have to turn in their student identity card and public transport pass as well as their health booklet. During the suspension period the student no longer possesses his/her student status, which is re-established immediately upon his/her request to end his/her suspension.

Course-books and the System “Eudoxus”

Commencing 2010-11, the procedure of selection and delivery of course-books are regulated by the Programme Eudoxus, which is accessed via the site  upon specification of the student’s User name and Password.

The total number of textbooks that students may receive is 66, as shown in the following table.

Semester Courses per Semester Textbooks
1 7 Compulsory + 2 Electives + Foreign Language 10
2 6 Compulsory + 3 Electives + Foreign Language 10
3 6 Compulsory + 3 Electives + Foreign Language 10
4 6 Compulsory + 3 Electives + Foreign Language 10
5 4 Compulsory + 4 Electives 8
6 7 Electives + Seminar 7
7 1 Compulsory + 6 Electives 7
8 4 Compulsory + Seminar 4
  Total 66

For more information about the procedure of Textbook Selection by students, visit the site