Introduction to Literary Theory

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Sifaki Evgenia

Course Description

 The course aims at familiarising students with the practice of systematic close reading of literary and poetic texts, with a view to the emergence and discussion of theoretical and critical questions that preoccupy literary studies today (i.e. the issue of literary “representation”, the discursive construction of the subject, performative language, and others). In this context, literary theory is understood both as an investigation of the means, whereby literary texts produce meaning (such as narrative techniques and elements of poetic language) and as a form of cultural critique. The texts chosen for study represent literary trends and movements in the European tradition (Romanticism, Realism, Modernism).

Learning outcomes

 The students who complete the course are expected to:

  • recognise the different literary genres
  • know brasic facts regarding the history of literature in Europe
  • have understood different theoretical approaches to literature and their respective methodologies
  • be able to analyse and assess a literary text critically


Written exam.

Teaching methods

lectures and workshops

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