Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Pedagogy

Michalopoulou Aikaterini
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The Laboratory serves the educational and research requirements of students in the domain of the pedagogical sciences during their studies. There is also an office responsible for communication with students, communication with institutions, selection of institutions (campings, nursery schools, kindergartens),  students' placement at those institutions, solving problems  which come up during school practice, administrative support, and the management of finances.

Research activity of the laboratory of “Theoretical and Applied Pedagogy”

The laboratory of “Theoretical and Applied Pedagogy” of the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education supports students’ educational and research interests within the context of their pedagogical and teaching training.
Specifically, it promotes research in the following areas:

  • The study of the learning processes and the creation of developmental learning environments with group-collaborative characteristics, which facilitate the teaching of different learning subjects.
  • Teacher’s training, divided into two subcategories: a) initial education emphasising on student’s practical exercise and b) continuing education
  • Professional orientation, examining factors which influence people’s decision in following a certain profession and their entrance into an  employment  sector, linking simultaneously the school with the local community through  the acquisition  of working experience.
  • The practical exercise laboratory operates in the same space.

Finally, the research group of postgraduate students conducts research in the areas mentioned above, part of which is published and presented in both, Hellenic and international conferences.