Laboratory of Science and Technology

Chronaki Anna
chronaki [at] uth [dot] gr
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Τhis laboratory deals with both research and development. As far as research is concerned, its focus lies in investigating the complex processes involved when learning, teaching and applying mathematical, technological and scientific concepts in school classroom contexts or in real life conditions. In addition, it concerns reflecting on the role of technology in school learning and its place in society. As far as development is concerned, the focus is on supporting student teachers, teachers and curriculum developers with appropriate teaching/learning materials and methodologies for classroom application, when it concerns: a) the learning of mathematical, scientific and environmental concepts in varied contexts, and b) the types of learning technologies involved and their role for facilitating the learning and teaching process. The laboratory is structured around four independent research units.
Research Unit A: Education in Science and Environment (V. Christidou)
Research Unit B: Learning Technologies and Education in Mathematics (A. Chronaki)
Research Unit C: Technologies in Information and Communication (I. Karasavvidis)