Computer and Multimedia Room

The department Computer and Multimedia Room (CMR) is located on the 1st
floor of the Delmouzos building (formerly room B). The room provides
access to 25 workstations that offer directory and internet services.
The CMR hosts undergraduate and graduate course related to Science,
Technology and Mathematics. The CRM is multi-purpose, offering a wide
range of services to undergraduate and graduate students (e.g.
literature search, specialized hardware, and extensive software
The department personnel can borrow and use all the portable hardware
that is available in the CRM for teaching or research purposes.
The CRM is available for undergraduate and graduate student use during
open hours (11:00-14:00) on a daily basis. Note that this availability
is subject to change For more information on when the CRM is
unavailable for additional teaching, research or maintenance
activities, please check the here : Weekly schedule