The Department of Early Childhood Education was one of the first three Departments of the University of Thessaly, which was founded in 1984 and started operating in 1988. It gradually grew into a thriving academic Department of considerable size and continues to advance academically, pursuing its goal, which is to keep up with and contribute to the most recent developments in theory, research and teaching methods, regarding the interdisciplinary field of the Sciences of Education.  In December 2013, the Department went through the process of External Evaluation by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA) with great success. Still, given our commitment to constant improvement and involvement in the European and international academic scene, as well as our desire to facilitate and encourage our students’ mobility abroad, we decided to make certain changes to the Undergraduate Studies Programme, which may be summed up as, first, the reduction of the number of courses offered and, second, their fortification with more ECTS credits, which correspond to a heavier work load for both students and instructors. The organization of the currently running programme includes a large number of electives, enabling the students to pursue their special interests, while the compulsory courses (which are now taught in relatively small groups of students) secure the grounding of a solid basis of knowledge, necessary to the professional working in the area of early childhood education.