Educational research is a main priority in the Department of Early Childhood Education, both in the field of early childhood education and more broadly. Every academic year a significant number of researches are carried out by the academic staff, alone or in teams, and in collaboration with undergraduate and postgraduate students. The research focuses on a wide variety of academic fields, in the sciences, social sciences, the humanities and the arts, related to the academic subjects that are taught in the Department.

Research carried out in the Department is, frequently, in whole or in part funded by European Programmes, by the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly, as well as by other funding bodies. In many cases, the planning and implementation of research takes place in frameworks of collaboration with other Departments in Greek or European Universities, as well as other Greek and / or international Research Institutions, such as the Institute of Educational Policy, UNICEF etc.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are especially encouraged to engage in educational research. To this end, courses on research methodology are part of both the undergraduate and the postgraduate curricula of the Department. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to carry out research in the context of their dissertations, at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The Department promotes the dissemination of its research findings through Greek and international scientific conferences and symposia, as well as publications in Greek and international scientific journals.