Academic Staff

Name Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα Subject Telephone Number E-mail
Pantazis Alekos (Alexandros) Assistant Professor Peer Education 6932124260 alekos [dot] pantazis [at] uth [dot] gr
Abakoumkin Georgios Professor Social Psychology +30 24210 06356 gabak [at] uth [dot] gr
Ampatzidis Georgios Assistant Professor Teaching and learning about nature and the environment 24210 74220 gampatzidis [at] uth [dot] gr
Bonoti Fotini Professor Developmental Psychology 24210 74735 fbonoti [at] uth [dot] gr
Chronaki Anna Professor Mathematics Education and Learning Technologies 24210 74749 chronaki [at] uth [dot] gr
Dermitzaki Irini Professor Educational Psychology +30 24210 74790 idermitzaki [at] uth [dot] gr
Kanellopoulos Panagiotis A. Professor Music Education 24210 06362
pankanel [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr
pankanel [at] gmail [dot] com
Karasavvidis Ilias Assistant Professor Information and Communication Technologies and Learning in Preschool Education 24210 74994 ikaras [at] uth [dot] gr
Katsaridou Martha Assistant Professor Theatre in Education 24210 74743 mkatsaridou [at] uth [dot] gr
Lainas Athanassios Associate Professor Organisation and Administration of Education 24210 06365 athlain [at] uth [dot] gr
Letsiou Maria Assistant Professor Visual Arts Education 2421074807 marialetsiou [at] uth [dot] gr
Magos Kostas Associate Professor Intercultural Education 2421074576 magos [at] uth [dot] gr
Michalopoulou Aikaterini Professor Theory and Methodology of Early Childhood Activities 24210 74814 kmihal [at] uth [dot] gr
Motsiou Eleni Assistant Professor General Linguistics and Language Development 24210 06361 emotsiou [at] uth [dot] gr
Nikonanou Niki Associate Professor Museum Education 24210-74737 niknik [at] uth [dot] gr
Pantazis Vassilis A. Professor Social Pedagogy: Peace and Human Rights Education 24210 06354 pantazisv [at] uth [dot] gr
Pechtelidis Yannis Associate Professor Sociology of Education 24210 74702 pechtelidis [at] uth [dot] gr
Siatras Anastasios Assistant Professor Applied Critical Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education 24210-74318 asiatras [at] uth [dot] gr
Sifaki Evgenia Assistant Professor Literature; Literary Theory; Literary Criticism 24210 06363 , 6947939034
evsifaki [at] uth [dot] gr
evsifaki [at] gmail [dot] com
Sounoglou Marina Assistant Professor Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education 24210-74292 masounoglou [at] uth [dot] gr
Tentolouris Filippos Assistant Professor Literacies & Language Teaching ftentolouris [at] uth [dot] gr
Tseliou Eleftheria Professor Research Methodology and Qualitative Methods 24210 06358 tseliou [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr
Tsevreni Irida Associate Professor Environmental Education 24210 74358 itsevreni [at] uth [dot] gr
Tsilimeni Tasoula Professor Children’s Literature: Fiction and Narration in Preschool Education 24210 74671 tsilimeni [at] uth [dot] gr


Name Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα Subject Telephone Number E-mail
Arapaki Xenia Assistant Professor Didactics of Visual Arts supported by New Technologies 24210 74949 & 24210 74619 parap [at] uth [dot] gr
Christidou Vasilia Professor Teaching and Learning About Science and the Environment 24210 74743 vchristi [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr
Kakana Domna - Mika Professor Theory of Preschool Education 24210 74774, 74775 dkakana [at] uth [dot] gr
Leondari Angeliki Professor School Psychology leontari [at] uth [dot] gr
Magouliotis Apostolos Professor Visual Arts and Puppet theatre in Education 24210 74816 amagouliotis [at] uth [dot] gr
Nakou Irene Professor Museum Education and History Education 24210 74820 inakou [at] uth [dot] gr
Papadopoulou Maria Professor Language and Literacies 24210 74750 mariapap [at] uth [dot] gr
Piperakis Stylianos Professor Biology: Diet, Environmental Factors and Health piper [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr
Poimenidou Maria Assistant Professor
Sakkis Dimitris Professor Modern Greek History 24210 74765 dsakkis [at] uth [dot] gr
Tsouvala Maria Assistant Professor Movement, creative expression and education 24210 06361 tsouvala [at] uth [dot] gr
Zafiropoulou Maria Professor Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology: Behaviour Analysis and Learning mzafirop [at] ece [dot] uth [dot] gr