Magos Kostas

Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα: 
Assistant Professor
Intercultural Education
Telephone Number: 
24210 06357
magos [at] uth [dot] gr

•    Technical University of Athens, Department of Electrical Engineering – Title: “Diploma in Electrical Engineering” (1984)

•    University of  Athens, Faculty of Education, Department of Primary Education – Title: “Bachelor’s degree in Teaching” (2001)
•    University of Athens, Department of Early Childhood Education – Title: “Ph.D. in Intercultural Education” (2004)


•    University of Athens, Department of Early Childhood Education, School for the In-service Training of Kindergarten Teachers (1995-2007)
•    Greek Open University,  Department of Adult Education (2005-today)
•    University of Thessaly, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Early Childhood Education (2007-today)


•    Project “A Comparative Analysis of Folk Tales. A Multicultural Perspective (CAFT)” (LLP Comenius Multilateral Projects) (2007-2010)
•    Project “European Mobility Folk Tales (EUMOF)” (LLP Comenius Multilateral Projects) (2010-2012)
•    Project “Integrated Training  System For Trainers in Intercultural Education (INTER-TIE)” (Leonardo   da Vinci Projects) (2007-2010)
•    Project “Education of the Muslim Minority Children in Thrace” (Operational Programme for Education and Life-Long Learning co-financed by the European Social Fund) (1997-2007)
•    Project “Two Conflicts, Four Countries: Teachers Work with Their Students on National Stereotypes”  (Project MEDA DEMOCRACY) (1998-2000)



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  • Magos, K. & Spanopoulou, K. (2013) Digital communities and intercultural dimensions in early childhood education. In the Proceedings of the International Conference “Il corpo e la rete. Strumenti di appredimento interculturale”, Fondazione Intercultura, 257-274.


  • Tsouvala, M, and Magos, K. (in print). The dance of the magic dragon: Embodied knowledge in the context of transformative learning theory,  Research in Dance Education.


  • Chronaki, A., Moutzouri, G. & Magos, K. (2015). ‘Number in Cultures’ as a playful outdoor activity: Making space for critical mathematics education in the early years. In U. Gellert, J.G. Rodriguez, C. Hahn, S. Kafoussi (Eds). Education Paths to Mathematics. New York: Springer