Tsilimeni Tasoula

Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα: 
Γνωστικό Αντικείμενο: 
Children’s Literature: Fiction and Narration in Preschool Education
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24210 74671
tsilimeni [at] uth [dot] gr

Tassoula Tsilimeni is a Professor at the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education at the University of Thessaly, where she teaches issues of Children’s and Adolescent Literature, Narration/Fiction and Creative Writing of short form texts at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her research interests focus on the theory and criticism of children's/adolescent literature, as well as its didactics. As a visiting professor she has offered courses and lectures at postgraduate study programmes at Universities in Greece and abroad (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Nicosia, Hellenic Open University, etc.). She has published research work in international and Greek scientific journals, in collective volumes, conference proceedings, as well as in individual books. She is founder and Director of the inter-university electronic journal for Children's Literature called “ΚΕΙΜΕΝΑ” (“TEXTS”, www.keimena.ece.uth.gr). She is a reviewer in scientific journals and in scientific committees of international and Greek conferences. She was the coordinator and member of the writing team of the Primary School’s Anthology called “THE DOLFIN”, issues A΄and B΄, published by the Ministry of Education. Since 2003, she has established the "Olympus Storytelling Festival", which includes scientific announcements, workshops and live narrations by Greek and foreign folk and foreign narrators. She is also a book reviewer in a variety of prestigious journals of Language and Culture.

In addition to science books, she also writes literary books for children and adults. Her book titles were shortlisted, while her book "Mr. Bou" won the IBBY Illustrated Book Award. Since 2001, she has been a key member of the Language and Culture Laboratory of the University of Thessaly, and in 2019, she became the Director of the Laboratory.

Her book titles (scientific and literary) and reviews are available here.