Tsilimeni Tasoula

Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα: 
Associate Professor
Telephone Number: 
24210 74671
tsilimeni [at] uth [dot] gr

Tasoula Tsilimeni is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Preschool Education, University of Thessaly, teaching issues in Children’s Literature (Narration and Fiction). Her interests focus on the theory and the teaching methodology of children’s literature, with an emphasis on Preschool Education. Her views, and studies have been reported upon in relevant conventions. She has published works in journals, collective volumes and individual books. She is  involved in writing children's literary books and theoretical studies for adults. She edits the electronic journal KEIMENA, on issues in children’s literature (www.keimena.ece.uth.gr). She is a member of the Laboratory of Language and Culture (area: Children’s Literature), University of Thessaly. She is also a member of the Circle of Greek Children’s Book and of Women’s Literary Association. Since 2004 she has also been a member of the editing committee of the journal Diadromes. A founding member and Secretary of the Boarding Committee of P.O.F.A. (Panhellenic Society of the Friends of Narration). (www.pofa.uth.gr).