Motsiou Eleni

Ακαδημαϊκή Βαθμίδα: 
Assistant Professor
Γνωστικό Αντικείμενο: 
General Linguistics and Language Development
Telephone Number: 
24210 06361
emotsiou [at] uth [dot] gr
Curriculum Vitae: 

Prof. Eleni Motsiou completed her MA studies in Teaching Modern Greek as a Mother Language and Second or Foreign Language at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with funding by a competitive award from the Green National Scholarship Foundation, and went on to complete a PhD in Linguistics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her doctoral research focused on the development of non-literal patterns in the speech of young children. She has worked, starting in 2008, as adjunct faculty in the Universities of Thessaly and Ioannina, where she taught undergraduate courses in linguistics. From 2014 onwards, she has worked in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Thessaly, focussing on the linguistic development of monolingual and bilingual speakers and General Linguistics. Starting as a lecturer, she was elected as an as an Associate Professor in 2018. In addition, she contributes, as associate faculty, to the postgraduate programme Education Sciences: Special Education for People with Oral and Written Language Difficulties at the Hellenic Open University. Her teaching and research activity includes collaborations in multiple research programmes in fields including, but not limited to: lexicography and phraseology (Institute of Modern Greek Studies [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki]); promotion and teaching of Modern Greek (Centre for the Modern Greek Language [Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs]; School of Modern Greek [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki]; interlinguistic research on the development of affect and language (L’ étude des sentiments à travers des corpus dapprenants,. Action incitative de lUniversité de Poitiers pour developer la Recherche Internationale (ACTION 2), University of Poitiers, France); education of teachers who are involved in refugee children education (UNICEF [Refugee and Migrant Response in Greece], in collaboration with the Universities of Thessaly, Ioannina, and Crete), and more. She is also primary investigator in the research programme Greek Children Spoken Language Corpus (accessible at, which is funded by the University of Thessaly Research Fund). She has contributed to international conferences and published in Greek and international peer-reviewed journals. Her research interests focus on the typical child speech development, creativity and affect, as well as topics of multilingualism and general linguistics. In addition to Modern Greek, she has full professional competence in English and Russian.