The psychological impact of covid-19: A multi-country study

University of Groningen, NY University-Abu Dhabi
Start Date: 

PsyCorona Research Group members: Abakoumkin Georgios, Eleftheria Tseliou. 

The project aims to investigate the psychological and cultural factors which affect the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, especially focusing on individual psychological factors associated with the undertaking of protective measures against the spread of the pandemic. The goal is to generate scientific knowledge contributing to the design of policies for dealing with the pandemic. Specifically, since March 2020, more than 60.000 participants from 60 different countries across the world, were sampled (Greek sample: n=2772) and were administered a survey. The project runs in three different phases, one of which is longitudinal, including follow-up surveys. 

Newsletter publications (up-to-date): 

Leander, Kreienkamp, Agostini and the PsyCorona Team (2020, September). Mapping the moods of covid-19: Global study uses data visualization to track psychological responses identify targets for intervention. APS Observer. Available at: 

Kreienkamp, Agostini, Krause, Leander, & the PsyCorona team (2020, November).  PsyCorona: A world of reactions to covid-19. How an online data visualization tool reports data from an international psychological survey. APS Observer. Available at: