Laboratory of Language and Culture

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Identity and aims
The laboratory of Language and Culture- founded by Professor Emeritus V. D. Anagnostopoulos -promotes educational and research needs in the fields of language, language acquisition and language learning, children's literature and narrative.  According to the official document (146/14-6-1999),  the laboratory of Language and Culture focuses on: 1)language, including: a) language acquisition, b) language teaching and learning as L1 and L2, c) development and evaluation of educational material for language learning and 2) literature, including:  folk literature and children's literature which deals with a) the theory and analysis of literary texts, b) research into children's books and writers' work, c) teaching and implementation of children's literature. 

Laboratory Activities
The laboratory focuses on relevant research, book printing and organisation of events, seminars and conferences for students, teachers and citizens of the area of Thessaly.