Citizenship and Mathematics Education :: PiCAM

Chronaki Anna
Erasmus+, -UK01-KA201-036675 (UTH RC: 5489)
Start Date: 

Members of the research team: Eleni Kontaxi, Eirini Lazaridou, Effie Manioti 

PiCaM is the acronym for the Research Project in Citizenship and Mathematics. The project focuses on methodologies for the design and creation of pedagogical resources and activity for enacting from a critical intercultural perspective. The thematic contexts touch upon creating a space in-between mathematical knowledges and the commons of time, space, maps, body, games etc. The research aims to explore ethnographicaly how such resources are being enacted in the school praxis of the public school and, at the same time, to recognise and discuss hopes and dilemmas. The ethnographic work addresses children and teachers in a small number of public schools in the area. PiCaM is under the act of Erasmus+ and is being funded by European Union.