Studies Program

1st Axis:
    The 1st axis mentioned in P.T. (O.P.T.) includes three (3) interconnected stages:
A’ Stage:
    During the 3rd or 4th semester of their studies, within the framework of the mandatory course “Systematic Observation of the pedagogical procedure – Training Practice”, students practice on the method of Systematic Observation of the pedagogical ‘praxis’, with the aim to familiarize themselves with the complex educational Kindergarten environment.
B’ Stage:
    During the 7th semester of their studies, students attend a “Seminar on the preparation for practical training”. In this course, students practice on planning and designing educational activities as well as on carrying out their pilot implementation in educational structures. They also practice on assessing educational activities and on redesigning them.
C’ Stage:
    The-third-stage Practical Training, of which the total duration is six (6) weeks, aims at giving future educators the opportunity to have a substantial interaction with preschoolers over time, and to implement innovative teaching approaches, adjusted to the needs and particularities of their class.