Remunerated Practical Training

2nd Axis:
    Τhe Early Childhood Education Department’s Remunerated Practical Training (R.P.T.) is carried out in the framework of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation” (EPAnEK 2014-2020) and is co-funded by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund). It has been enshrined in the Department of Early Childhood Education since 2009 (19th G.M. Decision/1-4-2009 & 2nd /21-10-2009) and is complementary to the Obligatory Practical Training (O.P.T.), featuring the following attributes:
•    Connected with the Studies Program, it is one of the students’ approved activities
•    It is optional, with a duration of two (2) months, and it is carried out between May and October
•    R.P.T. is carried out in private institutions and corporations as well as in public ones (e.g. Private schools and Nurseries, local-government Day Nurseries, Centers of Creative Activities for Children, playgrounds, museums, artistic groups, children’s libraries, SOS children’s villages, etc.)
•    Final-year students participate in it

Contact Details regarding O.P.T. and R.P.T.
Project Leader
Aikaterini Michalopoulou, Professor
Department of Early Childhood Education
University of Thessaly
Argonafton & Philellinon
New Building, 3rd Floor, Office # 5
e-mail: mihal [at] uth [dot] gr & tel. nr: 24210-74814

Information about O.P.T.
Practical Training Office – Department of Early Childhood Education
4, Koumoundourou & Iasonos Str.
4th Floor, Office # B’
e-mail: a-ece [at] uth [dot] gr

Laboratory Teaching Staff (in alphabetical order)
Vitsou Magdalini               Gkaragkouni-Araiou           Chatzopoulou Katiphenia-
(L.T.S.), mvitsou [at] uth [dot] gr    Fotini (L.T.S.)                     Aggeliki (L.T.S.)
24210-06360 Office:B3     fkaragk [at] uth [dot] gr                 chatzop [at] uth [dot] gr Office:B2
                                         24210-06359 Office:B4

Information about R.P.T. (N.S.R.F.)
Practical Training Office S.A.R.G.-University of Thessaly
Giannitson & Lahana str., Tsalapata building complex
(Access: Volos city-bus, No 15 and No 3)
24210-06382, praktiki [dot] ece [at] uth [dot] gr,
Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00