The Intercultural Dimension in Early Childhood Education

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Magos Kostas

The course aims at informing students about the theoretical and practical dimensions of intercultural education in early childhood. The school policy, the teachers’ role, the curriculum, the educational materials, the activities, the cooperation between school and family are the main subjects of the course, which will be approached through theoretical references and characteristic case studies.

In the context of this course the students wil:

  • understand the main issues concerning the management of otherness  as well as the main principles focusing on theory and practice of intercultural education.
  • understand the causes and ways of the costruntion of stereotypes and prejudices.
  • discuss the main obstacles in the intergration of 'other' students in the school classroom.
  • know and use best practices in the implementation of intercultural education projects.
  • have possitive attitudes towards students who do not belong to the main ethnic and cultural groups.

The main teaching and learnig practices of the course are:

  • Enriched Lectures
  • Group works
  • Case Studies Analysis
  • Simulations
  • Others

Students' assessment through final exams and occasional papers.

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