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Μάγος Κώστας
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Erasmus+ Call 2020 Round 1 KA2
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Συμμετέχει ως μέλος της ερευνητικής ομάδας η Δερμιτζάκη Ειρήνη 

School leaders face complex problems as part of their role. This project looks to develop and pilot a model of school leadership development and professional learning that enhances how school leaders make sense of the complex challenges within their role. This project seeks to combine the experience and expertise of school leaders and the theories of adult development, to create this programme. It will develop the materials and approach, pilot this within the project partnership, and study the impact of this approach. The project seeks to build a model that could support leaders in both Primary and Secondary Schools. To reach its aim, the project has four key objectives:1/Develop models for transformational growth in school leaders, 2/ Create a set of training materials based on the models developed, 3/ Publish case studies to evidence school leader development, 4/Write a research/policy paper to highlight lessons learned and broaden impact.